Join As Supplier – Relationships


Because HBT is privately owned by its founding stores, it doesn’t suffer from the bureaucratic shortcomings of some larger groups and cooperative style organisations.

How We Work With Our Suppliers

Our structure is simple. We contract with each of our suppliers to deliver their deal terms to our members. We encourage our members in the strongest possible terms to give the maximum support to each deal consistent with their own business objectives. We do not buy or sell any product. Our role is to agree and administer the terms of each deal and to work with our suppliers to maximise deal performance. We do not guarantee payment by our member stores. Because we have limited resources, we ask each supplier to provide appropriate representation to our member stores. They need to receive catalogues, price lists and promotional material directly from you.

How Do You Become A Registered Supplier?

Our Executive is responsible for approving deal terms with any supplier for registration.  A request for registration of a deal should be accompanied by a completed Deal Proposal (available upon request) and supported with such other product, pricing or promotional information as you think appropriate. Once a deal has been registered, we distribute it to our members for inclusion in their online Deal Directory. At that time we will ask you to contact all the members to open trading accounts with you and ensure that they have all the information they need in order to deal with you. We also have a Key Supplier Program which operates by invitation only. Please note we don’t usually invite new Suppliers until we have some trading history with them. Key Supplier status is not available in all categories.


Contact HBT on 1300 305 719 or buyinggroup@hbt.net.au for more information