Mark Rohde

Abbot Supply
Bendigo Victoria

How old is the business?
It started out as a mining supply business in 1853 during the goldrush in Bendigo, and has evolved to the business it is today, which currently employs 32 local people.

How long have you been involved?
My parents purchased the business with four other local families in 1986. It is presently owned by two of the original families (Rohde & Woodman), and the Keogh family who joined us in 1994. I started work here in 2005.

Who are your customers?
Our wholesaling side has customers all around central and northern Victoria, whereas our direct trade and steel yard customers are generally around the Bendigo district.

You joined HBT in July 2011 – why?
We thought it was a good idea to be part of a national group and we could see that those rebates would be very attractive… and they were. Also it was all so simple and they left us alone to run our own business, so from that perspective nothing changed.

What else would you say about HBT?
The conferences are a great resource and source of information for our business.

Can people call you about this?
The number is 0419 586 186.