Liz, Nicole, Paul & Chris

Management Team
Demar H Hardware
Clifton Hill Victoria

You joined HBT in January 2000 – why?
We wanted the independent buying power and access to more suppliers. We’d never been in any other group.

How did you find membership?
The buying was better and the excellent rebates easily covered the cost of joining. But most importantly we liked the flexibility because HBT don’t ‘dictate’ anything.

You joined H Hardware about two years ago – what did you want from it?
We needed to refresh and present a more corporate look. Everyone says it looks fantastic. For a stand alone store the branding is very strong.

Any other comments?
If you are an independent we don’t understand why you wouldn’t be a member!

Is it ok if people call you about the group?
The number is 03 9481 3200.