Grant Crowle

The Hardware Store
Balmain New South Wales

How long have you been in hardware?
I started with a shop in Burwood in 1992 because I wanted something ‘more regular’ than boat building. After I sold that business we opened this one in Balmain in 2005 because, as a local resident, I knew there was a good opportunity here.

What sort of customers do you have?
We’re 70% trade and the local trades really appreciate how proactive we are in bringing new products and solutions to them. If we can show them how to get out of a job a little faster, they make more money and so do we.

Including the old store, you’ve been with HBT for about ten years – why‘d you join?
The franchise group we used to be with cost too much and pushed us into too many non-core products. HBT is a fair deal, we choose what we need to buy, suppliers appreciate that members are in it for the long term and once you’ve joined, it doesn’t cost anything.

Any other comments?
There’s no downside with HBT; they are very inclusive and the members work together and help each other.

Can people call you about this?
Our number is (02) 9810 2388.