Andrew Davies

I.T.S. Timber & Hardware
Georgetown Tasmania

How long have you been in the hardware game?
In the nineties I had a milk bar and we started selling paint out of the back door to trade painters.

As you do. Then what?
We eventually moved into a dedicated shop and expanded into hardware and eventually established our current site in 1996 and took on building supplies as well.

You were with one of the banner groups for a while.
Why did you move over to HBT?
The cost of the banner group wasn’t justified by the results we were getting. We liked the ease of doing business with HBT and we wanted those rebates we were missing out on.

What do you like the most about being a member of HBT?
We love the relaxed friendly relationship with the group. Everyone is on an equal level and the total transparency of the deal structures is very important. There are no rebates being paid by suppliers that ‘disappear’ into head office.

Would you recommend HBT?
Definitely. For any business similar to mine – HBT is a perfect fit.

Is it OK if people want to call you?
My number is 03 6382 3342.